Due to Popular Demand, Capcom USA May Not Bring Rockman Xover West

x006And to think, so many people have said that Capcom doesn't listen to its fans or care what they want. Due to the enormous outpouring of vehement rage at the very existence of Rockman Xover (which our own Heat Man was less than impressed with), Capcom Senior Vice-President Christian Svensson addressed the prolonged absence from the Western market in an Ask Capcom thread, stating that "Based upon the largely negative feedback from MM fans, I've requested that we place any Americas release on hold for the time being," adding that the prospect will be revisited at a later time.

In its native land of Japan, the game has previously ascended to the #3 spot on iTunes and earned over 100,000 registered players, so at least poor OVER-1 is getting some love somewhere. That said, would you be interested if the premise (story, characters) were revisited in another, more traditional format?

Source: Protodude's Rockman Corner