Rockman Xover is 100,000 Strong

Looks like Mega Man Legends 3 isn't the only thing to have nabbed 100K supporters now. After only a week of being available, Rockman Xover is patting itself on the back for surpassing 100,000 registered players. To commemorate the milestone, users are receiving a free premium Gacha ticket (for redeeming one premium card), and an E Tank.

I can't say if garnering over 100K users necessarily means the game is popular, even though it did reach the top three on iTunes in the week it came out. This may be par for the course for social games; especially those with a well known brand name attached to them. However, the real question is, if Capcom deems Xover a success, what does it mean for the future of Mega Man?

Image courtesy of Kenny.