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Dragon Marked for Death Marked for New Release Date and More

New details from Anime NYC.

The Fully Charged Podcast Continues to Close the Gap!

Three more episodes to enjoy!

Mega Man: Fully Charged Charges On

In Canada, at least.

New Hack Restores Ending and Features to Mega Man Soccer

He shoots, he scores!

Capcom Samples Rockman 11 Soundtrack

All the tunes in one 2-disc set.

Red Bull Gives Rockman Wings

“Now I’ve got your taurine!”

It's a BFF Breakdown as Sigma Faces Ultron in a Death Battle

Chromedome vs. chrome dome.

Three New Fully Charged Podcast Episodes to Get You Over That Midweek Hump

Looking at art, dating, and the bizarreness of the grade school political scene.

Mega Man Action Figures Coming Soon From Funko

But not in the usual Funko style.

Sigma Infects Death Battle

This one’s going viral.