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What's Inside This New Box of Rocks?

To mark the 27th anniversary of the Blue Bomber on December 17th, 2014, Capcom of Japan is releasing a new box set of music from the series-- Classic, specifically.

New Preview Page from Mega Man #42 Yields Excitement, Mystery

Back in July, we brought you the first word about the 42nd issue of Archie's Mega Man comic, which seems to have a certain special focus on fan-favorite Robot Master Shadow Man. But a new peek at the issue-in-progress promises to heighten intrigue.

Beta Update: Mighty No. 9 Brings No. 2 to the Fore

Just a quick update for those of you who might be fortunate enough to have access to the Mighty No. 9 beta, but perhaps aren't keeping on top of every little bit of news to come from it.

Mega Man's Super Smash Bros. Potential

For those of you who have been working on learning how to play as Mega Man in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS's demo, here is a little something fun to cap off your weekend and maybe inspire some hope.

The Game Theorists Look at J-Pop Conspiracies in Azure Striker Gunvolt

Well, this is certainly something.

Super Smash Bros.: Mega Man Music and Analysis

The biggest Mega Man-related news of the moment has to be, without question, the Blue Bomber's appearance in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. And with a free demo of the former just a day away, the internet, she is a-buzzin'.

Mega Man #44 Covers and Solicitation

Archie's adaptation of Mega Man 3 rolls (and rocks) on with the book's 44th issue, bringing the story "Legends of the Blue Bomber" to a close. But, is that truly the end?

First 4 Figures Opens Pre-Orders on Running Mega Man Statue

The last time we heard about First 4 Figures' "Running Mega Man" statue, we were just finishing ringing in 2014. But now there is new information, and big information to anyone interested in the figure, at that!

Celebrating 25 Years of Captain N: The Game Master

Did you know? This week marked the 25th anniversary of Captain N: The Game Master, which means it also marks the first appearance of the Blue Bomber in an animated television series... even though he was looking a bit more green than blue this time out.

Ripot's Round-Up - 9/13/14 - Mega Man 7, Super Smash Bros. Demo, Mighty No. 9, Gunvolt

So much news to write about, and so little time-- what's one to do? Call in the Ripot-man, of course!

Mega Man-esque News
The Mega Man Network Interviews Keiji Inafune

For the second year in a row, The Mega Man Network has been fortunate enough to interview "the father of Mighty No. 9", Keiji Inafune. Of course, he is also famous for, among other things, being the father to another famous blue robot. Read on to find out his inspiration and thoughts about the Mighty No. 9's Xel system, what he thinks of his fans, and more.

New Videos from PAX 2014 Highlight Mighty No. 9 Gameplay, Multiplayer

Coming out of the 2014 Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) last weekend are some new videos for Mighty No. 9, highlighting some new stages and gameplay, the multiplayer mode, and more!

The Mega Man Network Plays Mighty No. 9: Initial Impressions & Beta News

Yesterday, The Mega Man Network was recently able to sit down and play through a demo level of Mighty No. 9 during PAX 2014. While it was only one level, it showed off a number of cool things that makes Mighty No. 9 a different beast than its predecessors, while still maintaining much of what made previous games staring blue robots particularly special. 

Two Azure Striker Gunvolt Soundtracks Headed to Japan

A quick tip from Heat Man has notified us that following the recent release of Azure Striker Gunvolt in Japan (where it's known as Armed Blue Gunvolt), Inti Creates is now in the process of planning not one, but two soundtracks to be released in Gunvolt's native land.

Azure Striker Gunvolt: The Mega Man Network Review

Thanks to the fine folks at Inti Creates and 8-4 Ltd., The Mega Man Network has been able to play through and dissect much of what could be called the first post-Capcom Mega Man game–Mega Man without Mega Man, as it were. But defining Azure Striker Gunvolt in that way would do an injustice to one of the best platformers of this generation.

And Your Azure Striker Gunvolt Winner Is...

Six days and over 180 comments later, one has been chosen...

Azure Striker Gunvolt & Mighty Gunvolt Previews and Contest!

As of August 20th, 2014, Azure Striker Gunvolt has just been released in Japan. However, the fine folks at 8-4 and Inti Creates have been courteous enough to not only allow us to give you an idea of what's to come in North America on the 29th, but something more as well.

Mighty Gunvolt Announced for Nintendo eShop (Updated)

As you might have noticed, we have a section for news separate from the usual Mega Man fun here called "Mega Man-esque," for games and such which fall in the spirit of Mega Man, but aren't actually Mega Man. And let us tell you, they don't get much more "Mega Man-esque" than this!

Azure Striker Gunvolt North American Release Date Announced

Today, Inti Creates announced that Azure Striker Gunvolt, the spiritual sequel to their Mega Man Zero and ZX games, will be released on Friday, August 29th in North America and cost $14.99 on the Nintendo 3DS.


Comcept Heeds the Call of Mighty No. 9 with New Video

Comcept has released yet another new video to show off footage from their upcoming title, Mighty No. 9. This time out, we get to see Call in action with her jetpack, among some other new footage of in-game transformations and stages.