Preview Pages for Mega Man #4, Plus Chad Thomas Robot Master Art/Tease

IGN has posted their exclusive preview of Mega Man #4, the issue which concludes the first Blue Bomber story arc from Archie, based on the original Mega Man video game. Strangely enough, the preview seems to cut away during one battle and skip to the build-up to another part of the story entirely. Mega Man #4 will go on sale next Wednesday, August 10th, though subscribers may see their issues arrive prior to that date.

In addition to bringing things full-circle with the beginning of the first issue, we also have a peek at things to come from the artist for the second story arc, Chad Thomas, who posted a sketch of the Robot Masters Cut Man and Ice Man, who he hints will factor heavily into issues #6 and 7 of the series. The style appears a bit different from what we have seen from him previously, and will hopefully prove to be more fan-pleasing than those earlier works.