Covers to Mega Man #4 Revealed

Archie's Mega Man comic book begins in just a few short weeks, but we already have cover art for the first four issues. And just as with the previous three issues, #4 will sport two different covers. Just as with #3, there will be a regular cover which gives an idea of what to expect from the contents, and a "Villain Variant," which shows one of Mega Man's many foes as the master of their domain. This time out, we see Ice Man giving some innocent people the could shoulder. Like #3's Fire Man, it appears that this cover may also be by Ben Bates, but we cannot find a signature to confirm or debunk that notion.

Update: We have learned that the pencils for this cover are by Jamal Peppers, with inks by Gary Martin and colors by Ben Hunzeker.

And of course, the normal cover is by Patrick Spaziante, and gets us ready for the epic showdown in the depths of Dr. Wily's fortress, but not before the Blue Bomber faces the worst traps and devices the mad scientist has to throw at him!

Check out both covers (Update: And the description) below, and thanks once again to Sockie for the find!


Written by Ian Flynn, art Patrick "Spaz" Spaziante, Rick Bryant, John Workman, Matt Herms, covers by Spaziante and Ben Bates. "Let the Games Begin!" Part Four: This is it! Mega Man has reached Dr. Wily's stronghold, and now nothing stands between him and the madman! Except the Yellow Devil. And the Copy Robot. And the rebuilt Robot Masters. Good luck, Mega Man! The finale to the first arc to this brand new series!

32 pages, $2.99.