More Concept Art from Archie's Mega Man, Plus More of What to Expect from Spaz

In the latest news regarding Archie's upcoming Mega Man comic book, we have a slight mix of information for you; you might have seen some of it around already, while some of it should be rather new.

For starters, more "concept art" has surfaced from the Archie Comics panel at New York Comic-Con. Courtesy of The Sonic Stadium (via Protodude's Rockman Corner, what you see above is a glimpse of some concept art by Chad Thomas, who some may recognize from his work on Sabrina: The Teenage Witch and Young Salem.

Other images have been shown, and here are some clearer shots of Proto Man and Dr. Wily from none other than the man himself:

In addition to Thomas' work, there were also some samples from Patrick Spaziante on display, joining the sketches we saw previously:

On top of that, Comic Book Resources (again via Protodude) gives us a much clearer look at one shot...

...while Newsarama has provided another:

If some of these images look familiar, it's not just you. The shot of Mega Man himself from the Comic Book Resources page comes from our 2004 interview with Mr. Spaziante (which has since been mercilessly plucked and used on virtually every website or video which has covered Mega Man news), while Cut Man, Elec Man, Guts Man and his Metool friends, Ice Man, and the duo of Bass and Treble come from the Artbox line of trading cards from about the same time.

Some have previously expressed distaste at the designs of the Robot Masters, Cut Man and Elec Man in particular, who were inspired by this piece from the Capcom Art Works book by Hideki Ishikawa (courtesy of Racketboy. But those fearing this is what the comic will bring need not worry.

We asked Spaziante about how he would be approaching the Robot Master designs for the actual comic, to which he replied "Regular designs all the way." He has taken note of the mixed reaction to the Ishikawa designs, and will therefore be penciling the characters with their more "classic" appearance.

So far, word all-around seems to be that the comic is moving forward, but nothing concrete has been laid out yet.

And that means, of course, that if you have any preferences, now is the time to make such things known. Who knows? Perhaps some of the creative talent behind the book will be keeping their eyes peeled to Mega Man comments and forums such as our own.