Jughead and Mega Man, with the Hipness

As you all well know, we're looking forward to the upcoming April/May release of the first issue of Archie's new Mega Man comic book. And it would seem plenty of others are, too, with numerous outlets conducting interviews with writer Ian Flynn and posting new lineart from artist Patrick Spaziante. With that said, it appears some others have decided to get into the act as well. The comic book-based webcomic The Gutters have drawn up their very own version of the cover for the first issue, with the Blue Bomber teaming up with one of comic-dom's most well-known and beloved icons (...we think?).

Check it out for yourself below (edited slightly for content).

Click to enlarge.

Back off, Bass, and pull away, Proto Man-- Mega Man has a new partner in pew-pewing away hordes of endless robots.

Thanks to Protoman X for the tip!