More on Archie's Mega Man from Comic Book Resources

The comic book world has been abuzz lately with word of Archie's upcoming Mega Man comic. And just as we saw a few days ago from Newsarama, so too has Comic Book Resources decided to get in on the fun with their own chat with writer Ian Flynn about the upcoming book's first arc:

"When approaching how to lay out the arc, I tried to take two things into consideration: the order for passing the Robot Masters with the least hassle, and how the stages might be linked up in a reasonable way," Flynn said. "For the first arc, we're leaning more heavily towards the former."

Flynn also goes on to talk more about adapting the games, the characters, and the differences between writing for the Blue Bomber and his other titles, Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe. And, just as Newsarama did before them, Comic Book Resources has revealed an in-development page for the book from artist Patrick Spaziante, which you can see below.