Mega Man #1 Cover, Plus Spaz Sketches

Want to see the cover of the first issue of Mega Man from Archie Comics? Want to see some additional sketches from Patrick Spaziante of Mega Man, Proto Man, Roll, and Eddie from the New York Comic-Con? Of course you do! Read on, and enjoy!

First up, courtesy of Comics Continuum (via The Sonic Stadium), is the cover for the first issue of the comic book.

In addition to the cover, it has been revealed that Spaziante will be doing the interior art for the first issue-- that alone will hopefully make it a must-own for Blue Bomber fans.

In addition, some more sketches from Spaz were obtained by TJ Selinka of Emerald Coast Comics, so check them out:

Our hero.

Singin' the Blues.

We're on a Roll!

More images from the event can be found at The Sonic Stadium. Thanks to NovaMan XP for the tip!

And stay tuned, as there will surely be more to come!