Dr. Wily's New Clothes

We've seen some pretty cool action figures and models over time here at The Mega Man Network, and today adds three more to the mix.

While they look like they would fit in right at home with Jin Saotome's repurposed G.I. Joe customs, today's batch instead come from custom toy artist Donald "KodyKoala" Kennedy (who also created a "working" Air Man), who has not only fashioned a pair of rather industrial looking Robot Masters in Metal Man and Guts Man. But not only that, but he's given Dr. Wily a snazzy new robot suit with which he can battle the Blue Bomber personally.

Of this, he says:

"Dr. Wily always built all these awesome (most of them) robot masters, but he never built a robot suit for himself. I think if he had, he would have had a better chance against the Blue Bomber. Here is what I think his mech suit would look like.

I know traditionally, Dr. Wily loved things with Skulls on the front, so I tried to stay true to form. I used some new paints and new techniques to do this one, and I think it came out awesome."

Indeed, though it wouldn't be the first time Wily has donned a robotic suit, one might wager that he would do more than simply kick around a soccer ball with this one.

You can find more images of the trio on KodyKoala's Flickr page.

News Credit: GameSetWatch, via GoNintendo