3 More Custom Mega Man Action Figures

Custom Snake Man Figure by Jin SaotomeLooks like Jin Saotome is at it again! Previously, we posted about custom-made Mega Man and Proto Man figures that were sold on eBay. Now three more have been added to the set! You can find Snake Man (pictured on the right), Heat Man, and Zero up for auction on Jin's eBay store. As with the first two figures, each character has their own G.I. Joe crossover story:

"A new wave of Repliod warriors attacked the P.I.T. recently. At first we thought this fellow was one of Cobra's members the way he was dressed, snake themes stick out like a sore thumb. But his incredible striking speed and strength made it clear he was one of Wily's creations. Fortunately we had Rock and his new friend Zero to combat this scaly fellow and send him slithering away. A piece of his tail was left behind in the battle and is being studied by Hi-Tech. Perhaps it will shed some light on the Repliod's construction."

Visit Jin's eBay store to read the rest of them.

News Credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner