Words Cannot Describe these Rockman Figures

Rockman Zero FiguresJust when you thought things didn't get any cooler than Dimension Driver's limited edition Rockman and Roll figures, Atelier-Sai has to come along and make these magnificent works of art. As seen in the photo on the right, Zero and two of the four Guardians have been accurately modeled into completely posable, color-cast resin kits. The diaroma just adds to the sheer epicness emanating from these figures.

Not for the faint of heart, these kits require drilling your own holes. In fact, the ball joints actually have to be purchased seperately along with 1mm-thick brass rods to hold the joints in place.

In addition to the Rockman Zero characters, Atelier-Sai also had figures of classic Rockman and Forte. You can see all Sai's figures as well as other figures shown at the 2009 Wonder Festival here.

News Credit: The Spambot