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Koch Media Announces Capcom Home Arcade Plug 'n Play

Featuring Mega Man: The Power Battle.

Protodude Tweets 'Something You'll Want to Remember in a Few Months'

Egg-citing news is forthcoming, hopefully.

Pixel Dan Reviews 8-Bit Mega Man Figures from Jakks Pacific

8 Bits, but no Bytes.

Capcom Teases Tuesday Reveal

Arcade action abounds.

The Fully Charged Podcast is Back, Bay-Bay!

Despite all my rage, they finally aired “A Guilded Cage.”

Shh! This Mega Man 11 DLC is a Secret to Everyone!

Now everyone can Rock it oldschool-style.

Move Over, amiibo? Mega Man's a Totaku Now

It won’t unlock any features, but maybe it’ll look nice on your shelf?

Kekeke... Sigma Joins the Mega Man X Ver.Ke Redesign Club

That’s one way to make a bald head more detailed.

Mega Man Maker Hits Version 1.5

Those plumbers aren’t the only ones who’ve been working on an update.

Mega Man-esque Metagal Takes to Consoles

I Metagal, once…