Mega Man Dual Pack Experiencing Small Delay

by PreacherDudeRox Folks, you might have to wait a bit to start busting Robot Masters and searching for dash boots: word from GameStop states that the Mega Man Dual Pack's release date has been pushed from early September to a later September 16th.

The amazingly economic bundle (that will include PSP-exclusive Mega Man Powered Up and Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X) has been delayed without any said specific reason, with some fans hoping that the added time will allow Capcom to include a bonus music soundtrack. One can already find a soundtrack in the Dual Pack's Japan counterpart, so it's not exactly an outlandish idea. Still, it's only an idea and fan speculation; I wouldn't get my hopes up just yet.

Protodude cites a trusted GameSpot correspondent, who has stated that he believes that Capcom may be using the extra days simply to ensure a sufficient amount of games in stock at stores, since they would want to satisfy the fans' "unexpected demand" for the Dual Pack. In addition, he says that the package will only contain the two UMD games, seemingly ruling out the soundtrack.

If you haven't had the chance to play these two amazing titles, make sure to pre-order the Mega Man Dual Pack.