Sample Capcom's 30th Anniversary Music Album

As we reported late last month, Capcom of Japan is releasing a 30th anniversary album containing both original and arranged versions of popular music from 10 of their series spanning the decades. Tonight they've also put out a cross fade demo of some of the tracks on the album. You can jump to 2:00 to hear an arrangement of Cut Man's theme by Tetsu x Neko (of Team Nekocan), and 3:00 to hear an arrangement of Armored Armadillo's themed by Deadball P. The album also contains the original versions of these tracks.

Given that the two disc set is said to contain over 40 tracks, there may be yet more Mega Man music in store. The album will release September 25th for ¥3、150 and come with a 16 page color booklet.

News Credit: GoNintendo

Get an In-Depth Taste of Mega Music Mix

Last month we informed you of "Mega Music Mix," a new Rockman fan album fronted by doujin circle Colis Records. A bit has changed since then, however. While originally having a scope of 15~20 tracks, it will now be a 27 tracks, two CD album covering all the series, minus DASH (Legends). It will also feature a 12 page full color booklet containing artwork by a variety of artists.

You can also sample every track in the album over on the main site. A number of new cross fade demos have been added, organized by series.

Mega Music Mix will first come out this month, the 29th, at the M3 doujin convention for ¥1,000. An in store price of ¥1,500 is tentatively set.

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Have a Taste of We are ROCK-MEN! 2

While ROCKMAN HOLIC has been spoiler us with samples, we've been without a preview of the ROCK-MENs latest album until just now, thanks to Ucchy-san. Coming in just under the wire (my own copy is already sitting on my shelf), here is a nice cross fade sample of We are ROCK-MEN! 2. And from what you can hear here, I think it's pretty obvious this album delivers just as well as the last.

Don't forgetting, we're currently running a giveaway where this album (as well as ROCKMAN HOLIC) is up for grabs for a lucky winner. If you haven't entered yet, this should be fine motivation!

The Decisive ROCKMAN HOLIC Trailer

The previews keep coming, and this is certainly the most in-depth preview yet. Here is 15 minutes of ROCKMAN HOLIC, with cross faded samples of all 16 tracks. All in all it's shaping up to be a pretty rockin' soundtrack! ROCKMAN HOLIC is due out in 9 days, alongside We are ROCK-MEN! 2 (which we've still yet to hear any of).

News Credit: COCOROG

Here's Another ROCKMAN HOLIC Sample to Jam to

Wow, SOUND HOLIC might want to slow down! We might get the whole album out on YouTube before December 19th!

Anyway, here is the latest sample for ROCKMAN HOLIC. This is "RELOADED", an entirely original track, so nothing to get nostalgic to. But if you're a fan of SOUND HOLIC and doujin themes in general it ought to suit you well. This track is performed by Nana Takahashi with rapping by 709sec.

Just to look back, the other ROCKMAN HOLIC previews include X-Buster, Together As One and Can't Beat Air Man (SOUND HOLIC Ver).

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Air Man Still Can't Be Beat in New ROCKMAN HOLIC Preview

Here's another song you can enjoy from the upcoming arranged album ROCKMAN HOLIC. This time it's an arrangement of Team.Nekocan's original track that rocketed to amazingly popularity (and can even be played at karaoke): Can't Beat Air Man. This arrangement features Hanatan behind the vocals, and a bit more of a smooth electronic rock arrangement.

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New ROCKMAN HOLIC Sample, Plus Xover Bonus Item

Here's another sample from the upcoming album ROCKMAN HOLIC for you to enjoy - in fact, it appears to be a complete track! And unlike the previous sample, perhaps you can even sing along to this one.

This is "Together As One," an arrangement of the Wily stage theme from Mega Man 2 (a track you always gotta have). Lyrics and singing are by the bilingual artist nano, so for perhaps the first time on an arranged soundtrack, we have a fully English song.

Furthermore, SOUND HOLIC has also announced that ROCKMAN HOLIC will come with a special serial code for the upcoming iOS title Rockman Xover. The code unlocks a Zero battle memory card.

A Sample of the 5 Islands Adventure Dubbing

Here is a sample of the Get Me Off The Moon team's translation efforts for the mobile game Rockman DASH: The Great Five Islands Adventure (or its many other localized names). It now appears to have stepped up from a simple subtitle project to an actual dubbing! Color me very impressed.

Have to admit, in some regards I got closure with Legends 3's cancellation (at least in terms of cause), but hearing fans provide the voices, and extremely well too, does bring me to wondering what could have been. I can't help but feel a little regretful for it. Nevertheless, I hope the GMOTM crew keeps up the great work!

You can find more direct footage from Five islands Adventure on the Rockman DASH 3 Revival Project Blog.

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UDON Breaks Out BN and SF Official Complete Works Preview

I know you folks have been waiting for these a while, but the wait is almost over! UDON Entertainment has posted some preview pics of both Mega Man Battle Network and Mega Man Star Force Official Complete works. And the Battle Network edition is confirmed to release next week on the 16th. In the meantime, Star Force is planned to come out sometime in May. Enjoy the pictures! Press release after the break. [gallery link="file" order="DESC" orderby="title"]


UDON to release Mega Man Battle Network™ and Mega Man Star Force™ art books

Toronto, ON - March 10, 2011 – UDON’s Mega Man™ art books have been a big hit with blue bomber fans, so far covering the original Mega Man®, Mega Man® X, and Mega Man® Zero iterations of the Capcom® video game franchises. Now, two more Mega Man series get the art book treatment in Mega Man Battle Network™: Official Complete Works, and Mega Man Star Force™: Official Complete Works.

The Mega Man Battle Network® video game series reinvented the classic Capcom franchise as an exciting action-RPG, and reintroduced Mega Man to a whole new generation of gamers. Later, the sequel series Mega Man Star Force® would carry on the action-RPG tradition with all-new adventures set in a distant future.

Mega Man Battle Network: OCW collects the stunning artwork of all 6 Battle Network games, plus several spinoff titles. Similarly Mega Man Star Force: OCW covers all games in the Star Force series. Each book contains 176 pages of character designs, promotional art, sketches, rarely seen pieces, and plenty of creator commentary.

Mega Man Battle Network: Official Complete Works hits stores March 16, 2011, followed up by Mega Man Star Force: Official Complete Works in May 2011.


-ISBN: 978-1926778129


-ISBN: 978-1-926778-14-3

Link to cover and preview art:

Related books available now:


-ISBN: 978-1897376799


- ISBN: 978-1897376805


-ISBN: 978-1897376010

D-Arts Rockman X in Action

[gallery link="file" columns="2" orderby="title"] While we've certainly had lots of news concerning Kotobukiya's Rockman figure kits, very little has surfaced at all concerning Bandai's D-Arts Rockman X figure. I've seen some comments here and there asking if the figure is in production at all. Well, take a look up here.

Sad to say, there's absolutely no information about this figure still, and it's not even certain what the source of these images are. But I think this is a good sign it's going into production, and it certainly looks like a high quality figure. The buster shots look sweet. Stayed tuned, and hopefully we'll grab more info shortly! Hopefully it still comes with the Met.

Thanks, Auto! (images via CYBERGUNDAM BLOG)

Inside Games Gets People in the Rockman 10 Spirit

Much like they did for Rockman 9, Japanese gaming news site Inside Games has decorated their site with Rockman 10 to celebrate the release in Japan this month. Most notable thing is a music player which plays clips from the title theme, Nitro Man's stage, Commando Man's stage and Strike Man's stage (I totally called the "main theme" being Nitro Man). I'd rip them and everything, but... it's just another three hours until the game's out anyway, you know?

Both Mega Man and Mega Man X Official Complete Works due Dec. 23rd; sample images

Our very good friend from UDON, Matt Moylan, has let us know that both Mega Man Official Complete Works and Mega Man X Official Complete Works (as seen recently on the Mega Man 22nd birthday live stream) will be available next week, just in time for Christmas. Here is the official statement from Matt:

Just wanted to let you know that we can finally say both Mega Man Official Complete Works, and Mega Man X Official Complete Works will be arriving in comic book stores next Wednesday Dec 23! Just barely in time for X-mas(or Mega Man X-mas if you prefer heh). As for regular book stores, and online vendors line Amazon, that is less precise. Could be a few days earlier, could be a few days later, but all book have shipped to retailers. If you want them for sure on Wednesday, head to a comic book shop.

Of course I know what you really came here for, the sample pages! Let this be your final sweet temptation (warning, large sized images).

MMOCW_p1MMOCW_p2MMOCW_p3MMXOCW_p1MMXOCW_p2Thanks for the lovely images, Matt! We look forward to the books!