Mega Man and X Partake in Capcom 30th Anniversary Album

30thalbumTo celebrate 30 years of games, Capcom of Japan is releasing a special two disc anniversary album. The album covers ten of Capcom's series, including Mega Man and Mega Man X. Over 40 tracks will be present on the two discs. The first disc is the "Original" disc, containing the direct game audio of tracks representing the best of the series (so expect Wily's stage theme from Mega Man 2). The other disc, the "Arrange" disc, will contain tracks arranged by  over 10 game loving artists, including representation from SOUND HOLIC (who released last year's ROCKMAN HOLIC), and Tetsu x Neko of Team Nekocan (Can't Beat Airman). The album will release in Japan on September 25th for ¥3,150 (roughly $32 US). As far as I'm concerned, I can always go for more Mega Man and Mega Man X music.

News Credit: CAP Kobun