Rather Than Get Bored with No New Mega Man Games, Get a New Mega Man Board Game!

megamanboardgameA little over a month ago, we brought word that Mega Man would be joining the world of Jasco Games' Universal Fighting System (UFS) card game alongside fellow Capcom stablemate Darkstalkers. Today, a tip from Duckaiser reveals that they are aiming for an August release with collectible tins for Mega Man and Proto Man. Furthermore, Jasco Games' website reveals that a Mega Man board game will also be coming "not too far in the near future." "You'll take control of your favorite hero, and battle Dr. Wily and his forces of evil robots!" it says, adding that it will be updated regularly "with updates to gameplay, graphics and of course when the game will be hitting shelves in stores near you!"

One might also remember that this would not be the first time that the Blue Bomber has had a board game in North America, as MegaMan NT Warrior had one during its heyday. Did any of you get your hands on it? Did you actually play it, or just collect it? And if the former, how was it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!