Details on Mega Man's Collaboration with Universal Fighting System

ufs Today we have official confirmation of the collaboration between Mega Man (and Darkstalkers) and the card game Universal Fighting System. Additionally, UFS mentions on Facebook that: "Mega Man is going to have at least 3 releases over the next 3 years as complete sets. We cannot disclose which characters will be in those sets yet, however ProtoMan and Mega Man are expected in the Summer Releases this year." So it appears to be a long relationship with the Blue Bomber in the dream team card battle game.

Truthfully I don't know much about Universal Fighting System myself, but tipster Duckaiser explains: "UFS is a collectible card game, where you chose one character to start as, like a fighting game, and perform moves as cards. So, this means, Mega Man and Proto Man (and others) get character cards, and there will be cards like "Mega Buster" to attack your opponent with."

Additionally, UFS is holding a contest from now until July 4th where you can win a Mega Man Play Mat by liking their Facebook page! While I'm not much into card games myself, it sounds pretty neat!

Many thanks for the info, Duckaiser!