Capcom and Bandai Reopen Character Survey to Fans

charsAs hinted at by Ucchy-san when he referred to "that plan," Capcom has started a new character survey for fans to provide input on who they want to see made into Bandai figures next. This time, the survey includes the likes of poor, dejected Iris, Hitoshi Ariga style Mega Man, MM8 style Roll, MegaMan Volnutt and characters from other series. They were even ballsy enough to add on OVER-1. Black Zero and Vile's Ride Armor are also present, which is curious since prototypes have already been shown. Of the choices you can select up to three. You can also opt in for one write-in vote as well. Besides your favorite characters, you must also indicate your age range, and choose your favorite Mega Man series (which reads Mega Man, X, Legends, Battle Network, Zero, ZX, Star Force, and Xover). This survey will run until May 16th. While it is probably intended for Japanese audiences, it won't hurt to throw in your own two cents. Of course, Bluefin Tamashii Nations may be preparing their own survey as well.

Thanks for the tip, Oakie620!