Tamashii Nations Taunts and Teases on Twitter (Updated with TWO Sigma Sightings)

Sigma, Ride Armor, Black Zero, and... a Maverick Hunter command console? These are what Tamashii Nations have teased and ultimately unveiled at their San Diego Comic Con booth on Twitter.

Keep reading to see the teases.

The above picture was posted to Tamashii Nations' Twitter account a little while ago. Like the shirt?

Well, forget about that. Look past that, to the upper-right corner. See anything interesting?

And there's more where that came from.

In the upper-right here, we can see what appears to be a Zero boot... a black Zero boot, at that. It looks like those of you who chose to forgo the painted kits on Yahoo! Auctions Japan were right to do so.

But what's that in the focus of the picture? Is that the command console seen in the stage select screens of Mega Man X4 and Mega Man X5? And if so... do we dare to hope we might get the likes of Alia and her Navigator colleagues to fill it?

Then again, this could just be another Light capsule; a prop used to help display the figures at conventions. How disappointing would that be?

And here we have a better view of what seemed to be in the background of the top picture. As best as we can tell, Vile and company are soon going to have a hot new set of wheels-- er, legs to tool around town in.

We'll bring you more as it comes.

Update: Well, that was fast:

And here we thought baldy-bald jerk virus nuts didn't cast reflections. Or maybe that was vampires. Hmm, think this Sigma sparkles?

Update 2: Here we go, everything on display!

Good lord, that Sigma is huge! And that Ride Armor is no slouch, either!