Check Out (and Maybe Buy) These Custom NES Consoles

555427_562151680462814_1774510062_n A while back, we posted about a cool custom Mega Man Nintendo Entertainment System which went up for auction on eBay. Several of you enjoyed it, and following that posting, a gentleman by the name of "Custom Nes Guy" reached out to us about the article.

As it turns out, he's been making consoles just like that one for a while now, and not just featuring the Blue Bomber-- as you can see above, he did another which features Proto Man as its dominant theme. And he doesn't stop there-- as you can see on both his Facebook and YouTube channel, he makes these with more than just Mega Man, and more than just the NES, too.

"I take orders, and can do any console, handheld, controller, or cartridge," he tells us. "Even PCs and laptops! I make these to order and the customer can pick any characters for the controller backs and such."

For those wondering about the materials he uses, "I actually use real car paint, the same stuff I paint cars with professionally (basecoat/clearcoat)."

Here's a video which shows off the finer points of his detail work on the Proto Man NES: