It's Too Late for You to Own This Custom Mega Man NES, But You Can Still Admire It

Okay, so we sort of dropped the ball on this one. See, there was an auction for a really nice custom Mega Man Nintendo Entertainment System, as you can see at right. But when we caught word of it, we didn't realize it was on auction. Long story short: After relisting it a couple of times, it found a new home for $162.50 after 11 bids. Despite the auction now being over, we liked it so much that we had to share it here.

You can check out the pics of the console in the gallery below. In addition to the blue controllers, embossed logo on the lid, and graphic of Mega Man on the top, what isn't shown is that the LED light is changed to glow blue when the power is on.

Have you customized any consoles to show your love for the Blue Bomber, his friends, or his enemies? Feel free to send us some pics at [at]! And thanks for the tip, Rhuz!

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