Capcom Reveals Trailer for Street Fighter X Mega Man (Update)

Remember that fan game which featured Mega Man taking on various characters from Street Fighter? Well, guess what?

Capcom has just revealed via the trailer above that it is going to be an official release to celebrate the 25th anniversary of both Mega Man and Street Fighter. And better still? It's going to be a free download for PC (admittedly not so good if you don't have a good PC gaming controller). has all the details, and the game will be available on December 17th, the 25th anniversary of Mega Man.

It may not be the grand spectacle that people were hoping for, but at least this seems to show that Capcom is definitely still thinking about the Blue Bomber.

Update: Now that the site is loading again, have a press release. Also added the link to the story for the original game above.

CAPCOM REVEALS STREET FIGHTER® X MEGA MAN® TO FANS AT STREET FIGHTER® 25TH ANNIVERSARY GRAND FINALS EVENT Two Beloved Franchises Collide For the First Time in Retro 8-bit Glory! SAN MATEO, Calif.— December 8, 2012 — Capcom, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, recently shared plans to release a new fan-made crossover title featuring two of the company’s most iconic franchises. Street Fighter® X Mega Man® will celebrate the closing ceremonies of the 25th Anniversary of Street Fighter® and kick off the festivities taking place in 2013, when Mega Man takes center stage as “The Blue Bomber” reflects on his own 25 years of gaming greatness. The Street Fighter X Mega Man game will be released as a PC download beginning on December 17, 2012 and will be offered to fans for FREE through Capcom’s official website,