Mega Man vs. Street Fighter

It seems that the Blue Bomber has finally had it with the stars of Street Fighter getting to take on all comers in company crossovers. As such, he's said "nuts" to the First Law of Robotics and decided to do something about it, hunting down the best of the World Warriors to remind them who Capcom's real unofficial mascot is. First up? None other than the figurehead for the franchise itself, Ryu:

Contrary to what the end may have you believe, though, the game is far from over. So for those who may have seen the above before, read on for something new.

Now equipped with the powers of the mighty Ryu, Mega Man has set his sights on a neighboring combatant from the Far East: the Yoga Fire fighter, Dhalsim:

Two are down, but one question remains: how many are left to go?

Mega Man vs. Street Fighter is a fan game under development from Capcom Unity member SonicZX, and they seem to have no problem with it, having featured his videos two times on their blog. As it's a work in progress, one is left to wonder how many of the Street Fighter crew will be featured, and if they will all be from the original Street Fighter II, or if new challengers from its expansions, spin-offs, and sequels are fair game.

Hopefully the latter, because let's face it, there is probably a wide audience for Mega Man vs. Cammy.