Homebrew Mega Man 2 in the Works for Nintendo DSi/3DS

With Rockman 2 coming to the Virtual Console for 3DS in Japan, there's no reason to suspect we won't get Mega Man 2 as well. But just in case, here's a potential alternative. Using the DSiWare application Petit Computer, DiscostewSM has begun crafting a replication of Mega Man 2 from scratch. It's still an early build; missing enemies and shooting and such. However, aside from the slightly floaty jumps, the recreation looks pretty spot on so far!

While still in the initial stages, Stew says he'll release a QR code for the build once he adds music, shooting, enemies and the boss. Anyone with a copy of Petit Computer will be able to give it a spin. I know I'm interested in trying it out!

Thanks for the tip, Splashman!