Rockman 2 Slated for JP 3DS Virtual Console, More to Come?

Pretty much hot off the heels of the original Rockman coming out on Japan's 3DS eShop last month, Rockman 2 is now joining it on the 8th of this month for ¥500. I'll admit I was hoping for a 3D Classics with this one, but for arguably the greatest Mega Man title made, I'll still take it! There's still no word on release in other regions, which goes for the original Mega Man as well. Now, this is all my own speculation, but I'm seeing a potential pattern. With the scant amount of time between the releases of Rockman and Rockman 2, it's possible Japan could see a classic Rockman title releasing on the eShop every month. That would mean Japan would have Rockman 6 by December; not a bad collection to have accumulated in time for the 25th anniversary. It's certainly plausible, especially considering that this puts the Famicom releases ahead of the Game Boy ones. At the very least I'd imagine we'll see Rockman 3 in short order.

News Credit: CAP Kobun