Watch Capcom Unity Play Mega Man 5 for a Chance to Win Rockman 5 Prizes

Continuing their monthly 2012 tradition of counting down to the 25th anniversary of the Blue Bomber by playing through all of the Classic series games, Capcom Unity will be playing through Mega Man 5 for the month of May this Friday the 18th. Tune in to Twitch TV for all the fun at... er, sometime (their last began at 2pm PST, but as of this writing, Unity has no time posted).

And the prizes this time? IF you live within North America, then you will have two chances to win a copy of the Japanese version of this month's game, Rockman 5. One is a copy we have donated, courtesy of Heat Man, and will be won by the person who can count the number of times Brett dies, make note of how he died each time (pit, Robot Master, etc.), and be the first to comment with that information in the stream's Unity post (which goes up Friday) with that information.

The other prize will feature not only a copy of the game, but a plush Proto Buster as well. "This will likely be trivia," they note, "with the first correct answer posted in the Twitch TV chat receiving the item."