Join Capcom Unity Today for a Mega Man 4 Playthrough and Big Prizes!

At 2pm PST (5pm EST) today, Capcom Unity is going live on their Twitch TV Channel to bring you a complete playthrough of Mega Man 4. See the rise of Dr. Cossack's robot army! Watch as Mega Man fights to overcome impossible odds with his new chargeable Mega Buster! Wince as Eddie delivers the wrong item time after time after time! Cringe as you realize that unlike Mega Man 3, this Rush Jet has no brakes! You've never seen such intense Mega Man intrigue and suspense such as this! Well, unless you've played the game, of course. Then you've probably seen it all... but did you live to tell the tale?!

If you are reading this, then yes... yes you did.

Anyway, now that we've ensured that the image won't be bigger than this post, we'll end by telling you that Gregaman says that those who join the live chat will have a chance to win such fabulous prizes as the volumes of Mega Man Megamix and the big plus Mega Buster arm cannon seen in the picture (click to enlarge).

And when you join, be sure to tell them The Mega Man Network sent you! You won't get anything for doing that, mind; we just like the free promotion.