Another Contest Reminder, and Some Thoughts

So once again, I really dropped the ball on a contest. Specifically our SFxT Roll artwork contest. The deadline is a couple of days, but to be honest I don't think we've received a single entry. This time I apparently forget to even list the contest among our others. As a result it's pretty much a certainty that I will extend the deadline of this. Sincere apologies are also in order. I think even for a fan site, that doesn't always take things very seriously, when you commit to doing something you shouldn't follow through with it perfunctorily. Because of my other work and my forgetfulness I haven't been able to stay on the ball, and while I doubt anyone was truly inconvenienced I am guilt ridden all the same. This isn't how you show fan support.

Originally this whole scheme was devised to deliver a contest every month, as a means for giving some kind of joy and excitement to Mega Man fans during tough times. Truth be told, though, planning and judging interesting contests on a monthly basis is surprisingly taxing. The only easy part has been buying the prizes.

Although I want to think my intentions were good, the contest series isn't proving to be very effective. However, I have no intentions of abandoning the fan support either - it's still very much necessary. But it will take a much simpler approach, such as chance giveaways. Exact methods still need to be determined, but we ought to have some great stuff for you before long.

Again, I offer many apologies for crapping out on what should have been a fun and organized event. And I hope you can forgive my shortfalls. I'll do my best to make it up to you all. Thank you for supporting us!