March 2012 Contest - Roll! Roll! Roll!?

First of all, I do apologize about the delay in the judging of the February contest. It should be taken care of this weekend, I hope! But nevertheless, March is here, the weather's warming up, so let's get a new chance to win rolling! And suitably, that would be with Roll. But not just "any Roll." This month, the focus is all about this particular Roll! Yep, we're really going there. Your mission will be to capture Street Fighter X Tekken's Roll in drawing, but not just as a piece of art. We want to see something that sheds light on just what kind of character this Roll is. There's a story angle to it too!

The reward for your efforts are certainly better than some weird box that fell from space. Two chosen winners will receive a "Roll! Roll! Roll!" jigsaw puzzle each! You'll be rolling in Rolls, just like I'm rolling with terrible puns.

The deadline for this contest is Saturday, March 31st at midnight, PST. So, fire up that creative instinct and get to work!