Talking About the Future of Mega Man: Possibilities and Impossibilities

Just two quick bits here today. None of us really know where the future of Mega Man lies, but a couple of interesting little tidbits have some people talking. First up is a seemingly unrelated tip from Mugen Shiro, who passes along an Andriasang article about Nintendo's plans to revive SEGA's Dreamcast oddity Seaman as a Nintendo 3DS title. The relevance, Mugen notes, is in the part where it states that Seaman is an example of "a plan from the company to revive other publisher's titles on the 3DS as part of a strategy to bring new strong titles to the system."

"If we work together with Nintendo (i.e. put a little pressure on)," Mugen suggests, "we might make something happen."

This would not be the first time that Nintendo has given the Blue Bomber a bit of a boost, as they were the ones to publish Mega Man 6 in North America late in the life of the NES.

In other news (via GoNintendo: While there are no doubt a number of developers out there who would love to have their chance at creating a new Mega Man game (such as Asura's Wrath and Solatorobo CyberConnect2), one developer who would have no part of it is Gaijin Games.

The creators of the Bit.Trip series were recently asked by Jonathan Holmes of Destructoid "if Capcom approached you and gave you a stack of cash, telling you to 'fix the Mega Man series,' would you want to do that? And what kind of game would you make?" And their answer?

Well, see for yourself:

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So, I guess we can't put them down as two of the 100,000 for Mega Man Legends 3, or any other Mega Man, for that matter.

And while we can appreciate the general sentiment of going out on top, "because it's too hard?" Really?