CyberConnect2 CEO Would Love to do Legends 3

(Hey I'm back.) Some have hoped Keiji Inafune's Intercept could adopt Mega Man Legends 3 and finish off the project. While Inafune has not expressed any interest so far, CEO and President of CyberConnect2, Hiroshi Matsuyama, indeed has. In speaking with the CEO, Siliconera asked what Capcom property he'd like to work on in the future. The response:

"It would be Mega Man Legends 3," exclaimed Matsuyama in a Siliconera interview. "I really like the series!"

While this is just Matsuyama's own hope, it could hold some steam for two reason. First, CyberConnect2 is already collaborating with Capcom in creating the game Asura's Wrath, due out in 2012. Second, CyberConnect2 is the developer behind the games Tail Concerto and the much more recent Solatorobo: Red the Hunter, both of which draw a fair amount of comparisons to the Legends games, just furrier.

I do still question the likelihood of this happening, mostly because Legends 3 was being developed with MT Framework, Capcom's proprietary game engine. I don't believe Capcom licenses out this engine to other developers so far. But with the amount of outcry there is to revive the game, this could potentially be a way for Capcom to please fans and reduce the amount of perceived risk on their end.

Still, I wouldn't necessarily recommend people go out and buy Asura's Wrath in hopes of getting Legends 3 thereafter.

Thanks to Razor for the tip.