Your Thoughts on the Old Man

As you might know, we at TMMN have a little something called The Megacast that we like to put out every month. And we do our best to keep the topics timely and relevant. Well, sometimes things have a way of lining up nicely... On this upcoming episode of the show, we will naturally be discussing "Mega Man" as he was recently revealed in Street Fighter X Tekken. We want to make your voice heard, too­­­ - quite literally. We would like you to send in a recording of your personal thoughts this appearance of Mega Man, and your stance on things in general. Do you see this as a fun little tribute? Or do you think Capcom is intentionally messing with the fans?

Of course, we have to have some guidelines. We don't want rants, we don't want crying, we don't want endless cussing. We want composed, well thought out views. Whatever stance you take is fine so long as you can back up your claims with strong reasoning and facts. This is not about venting, it's about explaining. Be sure to introduce yourself at the start, and try to keep your recording under five minutes.

When you're done, mail us your audio file or a link to it to us by next Friday, the 4th of February. We'll go through them and select a few that we deem the most interesting and thoughtful to discuss on the show. We look forward to hearing from you!