In this day of internet supremacy, you have to keep up with all the trendy social networky stuff or you're just a huge dope. The twitters, the facepage, and of course podcasts. However, at TMMN we couldn't sit with ourselves doing just a plain old podcast, so that's why we created the ...wait for it... MEGACAST. Which is just another name for a podcast.

Every month we record and release a new episode discussing the latest in Mega Man news, and other topics since Mega Man isn't such a big deal all of the time. The main crew includes Adam "Heat Man" Anania, Jesse "mainfinger" Gregory, Tabitha "Tabby" Ramsey and Andrew "AWD!" Dickman. We also try to have special guests on and give away prizes as often as possible, though it doesn't always work with such a two bit operation. But we can always guarantee you'll have fun! I probably need an asterisk for that.

Additionally, we also run the Minicast, a short podcast where the crew is much more variable. These are meant to come between the major Megacast episodes, though honestly it doesn't always work out that way. Deal with it!

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The Megacast

Episode #20 (December 2012) - Returning special guests Greg Moore and Brett Elston from Capcom Unity join Main Finger and Heat Man to talk about Street Fighter X Mega Man, the recent Capcom public survey, and more. [DOWNLOAD]

Episode #19 (August 2012) - This month Heat Man, Tabby, AWD, and Main Finger assemble to talk about Rockman Xover, the 25th anniversary Rock and Techno albums, te Legends 3 concept album, and more. [DOWNLOAD]

Episode #18 (May 2012) - This month Heat Man, Tabby, AWD, and Main Finger assemble to talk about the 10th anniversary of the Mega Man Zero series. But it wouldn’t be The MegaCast without us taking a really long time to actually get to the main subject. What exactly is Project X Zone? Will it be any good? Will it even come here? We compare it to similar looking games of the past to find out! [DOWNLOAD]

Episode #17 (January 2012) - The old crew is back! Main Finger, Heat Man, Tabby, and AWD! get together to chat about the many custom models at Wonder Festival and the climactic battles of the GigaMix manga. We also get the fans involved as we discuss Bad Box Art Mega Man in Street Fighter X Tekken. [DOWNLOAD]

Episode #16 (December 2011) - Main Finger, Heat Man, Tabby, and Ash get together to talk year in review. But rather than bring everybody down, we try to look toward the future with hope! We also reflect on Star Force's 5th anniversary and talk Mega Man X for iPhone. [DOWNLOAD]

Episode #15 (November 2011) - Special guests Greg Moore and Brett Elston from Capcom Unity join Main Finger and Heat Man for an interview and a discussion on trollin'. Also, lots and lots of crazy Japanese stories about Tamashi Nation and Maid Cafés [DOWNLOAD]

Episode #14 (October 2011) - Dashe Troxon joins the show to bring us up to speed on the recent efforts of 100,000 Strong for Mega Man Legends 3. Things then take on a musical theme as we talk about the Wily Castle Remix Gauntlet, the We Are ROCK-MEN! album, and rag on the CPS2 renditions of classic themes in Mega Man: The Power Battles. [DOWNLOAD]

Episode #13 (September 2011) - Heat Man visits from the future (Japan) with a cell phone from the past to tell the gang about the Rockman DASH cellphone game. We then talk about Mega Man 9 and how certain spike jumps like to kick us while we're down. [DOWNLOAD]

Episode #12 (August 2011) - Mega worlds collide as Protodude's Rockman Corner and The Mega Man Network join forces to bring you this month's MegaCast. We talk Mega Man X, the Ruby Spears Mega Man Cartoon, crazy Rockman underwear and more. [DOWNLOAD]

Episode #11 (July 2011) - In this slightly late July episode, Adam is joined by Jesse and Andy to talk about... what do YOU think? We look at the impact of Mega Man Legends 3's cancellation, speculate about what went wrong, and discuss the efforts to turn things around. [DOWNLOAD]

Episode #10 (June 2011) - On this month's Megacast, the crew welcomes special guest and MML3 contest winner Press Start to talk about Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge in the game club. And then they're joined by Andy and Ash for a lengthy discussion about getting Mega Man into the next Super Smash Bros. [DOWNLOAD]

Episode #9 (May 2011) - The Legends love continues on the Megacast. In this episode, the crew gets a chance to interview Devroom maestro Greg from Capcom Unity! Also discussed are Reaverbot appreciation and Mega Man Legends is in the Game Club. [DOWNLOAD]

Episode #8 (April 2011) - It's a new episode of the Megacast, and we are dang excited about Mega Man Legends 3! We give our reactions and opinions to the announcements of Barret and the soon-coming Prototype Version. We also discuss Mega Man X4 in our game club. [DOWNLOAD]

Episode #7 (March 2011) - In a special Inti Creates themed episode of the Megacast, the crew discusses Mega Man ZX in the game club, and Inti Creates' work on Mega Man in general. There's also talk about the current status of Mega Man Legends 3. And conspiracies abound! [DOWNLOAD]

Episode #6 (February 2011) - In this episode, the Megacast crew gets some one on one time with UDON's Matt Moylan, and then brings up Mega Man V in the Game Club. There's also talk of Kotobukiya's Rockman figures, and then Joveth "jgonzo" Gonzales breaks in to interrupt a segment going nowhere. [DOWNLOAD]

Episode #5 (January 2011) - Happy New Year! The Megacast starts 2011 strong by putting on a basic show again. This time Mega Man X3 gets heavily discussed in the Mega Man Game Club. There's also a bit of talk about UDON's Mega Man Megamix. And fantastic audio errors! [DOWNLOAD]

Episode #4 (December 2010) - End-of-the-year phoning it in! No guests! No prizes! Just Adam, Jesse, Tabby and Andy doing a podcast. The subject of this Megacast ends up focusing a bit on music, as we try out a couple new segments. We also reveal the top ten favorite Mega Man games as voted on by viewers! [DOWNLOAD]

Episode #3 (November 2010) - In this wonderful episode, the Megacast crew is joined by Ash Paulsen, editor of UDON's Mega Man products, and shill away for all those. Dr. Wily also comes around and sounds a bit different this time... [DOWNLOAD]

Episode #2 (October 2010) - In this episode of the Megacast, we have rockin' rock band The Megas as our guest interview. Then the crew gets to talking about Mega Man games without any concrete info. Lots of awkward, uninformative discussion! [DOWNLOAD]

Episode #1 (September 2010) - It's the inaugural episode of the Megacast! (And Adam makes sure you know by saying "inaugural" like 10 times.) In this episode we have special guest Joveth Gonzalez from Capcom Unity to talk about Mega Man Universe! And for our musical break, an exclusive listen to a track from BN Remix! [DOWNLOAD]

The Minicast

Episode #5 - Hey now, this is a very special Captivate 2011 episode! And because of that we're deviating a bit from the normal format. With a whole huge Capcom Unity team on board, there isn't much Mega Man talk but still lots of great gaming discussion nevertheless! [DOWNLOAD]

Episode #4 - In this little Minicast we discuss the whole ordeal surrounding Mega Man's absence from Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. Is it a sinister plot against the Blue Bomber, or something much less exciting? (Probably the latter.) [DOWNLOAD]

Episode #3 - Everyone in America is out seeing Tron, so this time Adam is joined by a guy from Switzerland and a guy from Japan. Discussion includes Mega Man music in various perspectives. [DOWNLOAD]

Episode #2 - In this little Minicast, Megacast regulars Jesse and Tabby join Adam, along with special guest Jaxel, to discuss Keiji Inafune's departure from Capcom. [DOWNLOAD]

Episode #1 - In this filler episode, Adam, Jesse and Andy get together for some casual discussion about Mega Man Universe, Mega Man Legends 3, and... everything else apparently. [DOWNLOAD]