News from the North: Mega Man Dual Pack for PSP Delayed? And Something for Collectors... (Updated x2)

After a shopping trip earlier today, we have a couple of small items of note for our fellow Mega Man fans. First up: we reported of a delay in the release of the Mega Man Dual Pack for the PlayStation Portable last month. While GameStop's website shows the item as available, an inquiry as to the availability of the product at our local EB Games/GameStop revealed that they are not expecting the game to arrive until October 11th.

Is this a Canadian thing? Or might the Dual Pack simply be reaching retail a month after their website stocked it? If you've seen this product at your local GameStop, or any other retailer, sound off in the comments below.

Following that part of our trip, we came across something which may be of interest to collectors. Arriving at the bus station, we saw a lady who had a Mega Man 15th anniversary backpack of some sort. Unfortunately, we did not have much time to inquire about it before our bus arrived, but we did learn that she received it while working at an unidentified video game store some years ago.

And while we were also unable to get a picture, the design was simple enough to remember, as it appeared to be a bag made entirely of blue cloth with at least one shoulder strap, and a fairly prominent Mega Man 15th anniversary logo on it.

The reason we bring this up with so little other information is simply because we have never seen one of these bags before (and searches of eBay and the Video Game Memorabilia Museum turned up nothing), and felt that the hardcore Mega Man collectors out there who might be unaware of its existence... well, might like to be aware of its existence. After all, it's unlikely that there is only one of them, held by some random former game store employee in Canada...

Incidentally, if you have a picture of the item in question (or any other information), feel free to send it our way, and we'll update this post so others will know what to look for.

Update: Well, the Dual Pack seems to be an odd occurrence of Canada not getting things at the same time as the U.S. Meanwhile, TTL found an eBay auction (which explains how we overlooked it) for the bag, which you can see here.

Thanks for the help, everyone!

Update 2: Looks like someone just posted a new auction for one of the bags. Go figure.