Mega Man #9 Cover and Solicitation

A few days ago, we brought you the first look at Archie's Mega Man #9, which features the return of the Villain Variant cover as illustrated by Ben Bates. And today, we have the rest! Patrick "Spaz" Spaziante continues his run of regular covers as Dr. Wily schemes deep within the confines of his laboratory, working on what appears to be a diabolical new Robot Master. However, the face is obscured-- who could this new menace be?! It almost seems reminiscent of DC Comics' Scarlet Speedster, The Flash... could Wily be working on some sort of "Flash Man?"

Perhaps the solicitation, posted below with the full cover, can tell us! Thanks for the tip, Sockie!

Click to enlarge.

MEGA MAN #9 "Dr. Wily Returns" Part One: With the villainous Dr. Wily gone and no Robot Masters for him to steal, the world seems safe! Mega Man prepares to return to the quiet life of Rock the Helper Robot - until the lightning-fast Quick Man attacks Light Labs! Dr. Wily is back, and this time he's brought his own Robot Masters in his new bid to conquer the world! Script: Ian Flynn Art: Ben Bates, Gary Martin, John Workman, Matt Herms Cover by Patrick "Spaz" Spaziante Sketch Variant Cover by Ben Bates Shipping Date: 12/28/2011 On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: 1/11/2011 On Sale on Newsstands: 1/17/2012 32-page, full color comic $2.99 US.

...and yes, we were kidding about the obscured face of Quick Man. Try not to flip out about it in the comments, or else we will laugh. A lot.