Mega Man #9 Villain Variant Cover Revealed

Though there is no solicitation or other information yet, the first glimpse of the ninth issue of Archie's Mega Man comic book is upon us, and it is a Villain Variant cover! Drawn by Ben Bates, who some may recognize from his work on the previous Fire Man Villain Variant for issue #3, this piece is a black-and-white piece featuring Dr. Wily, holding the shattered helmet of Mega Man triumphantly as the Robot Masters of Mega Man 2 fill out the background.

And for those wondering, a recent interview with writer Ian Flynn reveals that the fights are going to be "more challenging" this time around.

So while we may not have much in the way of text to give us information, a picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words (or about 171, at any rate). In any case, you can check out the full cover below, and we'll bring you more info as it comes.

Thanks for the tip, Sockie and Wilyman!