Mega Man is Back in Blue and Ready to Download

Mega Man 9: Back in Blue It was a long journey with its fair share of pitfalls, but we do it all for you! Mega Man 9: Back in Blue officially released today (for free download). Fourteen different artists threw their hat into the ring (including myself) and I hope you have as much fun listening to this 18 track album as we did making it.

You'll hear the rocking rhythms of Sixto Sounds, the bumpin' beats of bLiNd, the jazzy jams of Joshua Morse (who recently put together his own Mega Man album), and a whole lot of other talented artists. And let's not forget k-wix who pulled everyone together as the album's director while working on a few tracks of his own.

A lot of work went into this, so much so that Capcom announced and released Mega Man 10 during the album's development. Maybe if we make a Mega Man 10 album Capcom will release Mega Man 11. It's worth a shot!*


Here's the trailer again for those who missed it in the last post:

*This is just a joke, not an announcement of a Mega Man 10 album.