Joshua Morse Takes Us All To The Robot Museum

Mega Man: The Robot Museum by Joshua Morse and OverClocked ReMixWhile we still have to wait until sometime next month for Ippo Yamada's new album, we can help pass the time by listening to some new classic series Mega Man remixes right now! Mega Man: The Robot Museum is a free, downloadable album from OverClocked ReMix artist, Joshua Morse. Unlike the majority of albums released on OCR, The Robot Museum is a one-man album with Morse's signature style of jazzy, disco funk present throughout each track.

The nine track album features a stage theme of one robot master from each numbered classic game up to Mega Man 8, with the ninth track as an arrangement of the CD Database song from Mega Man & Bass. You can download the album on the official site. Check out the trailer below to see a sample of what to expect.