MML3 Prototype Contest Update: This Is It!

Goodness! Coming off of my recent vacation, I almost forgot that the deadline for submissions in our Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version contest is up this Tuesday at midnight! It feels like this has been going on forever now, and to everyone entering we appreciate your effort and patience. Here's how I think we're going to settle this. If you've wrapped up your project, go ahead and send us an e-mail with all the details. Even if you've already sent a final update, just resend it again so it hits the top of our inbox. The Wednesday following the end of submissions, we'll go through our inbox and find all the entrants, then post them on the site. This is to assure we don't miss anyone; if you don't see your name please email us your last update! With everything accounted for, we will go ahead and judge and hopefully have the results up by the weekend. Prizes will go out after we contact the winners and get their mailing info.

Hopefully everything goes smoothly, although this contest has a lot of components so anything can crop up. We'll just have to take things in as they come, and hopefully work out the results as swiftly as possible. Thanks for all your contributions! After this, it's just a matter of getting Legends 3!