Mega Man Tribute Winners Now Being Notified; Full List to be Released Tomorrow

It has been nearly a month since we last heard anything from UDON Entertainment about the status of the upcoming Mega Man Tribute book of fan art, which was that they were awaiting the necessary approvals from Capcom. And now, it would seem that they have finally received those approvals. Chosen participants who submitted their best Blue Bomber work for the collection have begun receiving their e-mail notifications from UDON today. In addition, they have reported via their deviantART blog that they will post the full list, in its entirety, at some point tomorrow.

Furthermore, they will also be unveiling the exclusive artwork which will grace the cover of the limited hardback edition of the book. This version will be on sale at the San Diego Comic-Con, and will also be available for pre-order to those who will be unable to make it to the convention. The pic at your right was included in the blog post; might it be a clue as to the contents of the cover?

"Thank again all for your hard work and patience!" adds Managing Editor Matt Moylan.

Update: UDON has revealed the entire list of contributors on their blog. Additionally, you can view a handful of the included work on the book's order page.