The Latest on Mega Man Tribute, Plus Another Peek

A little over two weeks ago, we brought you an update regarding the status of the winners in UDON's Mega Man Tribute art book contest. The winners were to be notified by the end of February, but the changing of the calendar to March came and went with no word, leading many to believe that their work was simply not chosen. UDON would later reveal that while they had chosen the winners, Capcom's approval was still needed and pending. Late last night, an art update was posted to UDON's DeviantArt account, featuring a bonus last-minute addition to the book from Lastscionz, as well as the following words:

Note to all those waiting for the announcement on whether or not their piece has made it into the book yet.

Soon, you shall all find out soon.

A touch on the cryptic side, but at least it sounds like things are moving along.

That said, the art submission bearing the message is pretty neat in its own right, too. Check out the piece below.