Some Initial Figure Vote Results and More

You may recall that at the beginning of the month, Capcom of Japan opened a poll for fans to pick characters they'd like to see as the focus of figures and collectables yet to come. The poll is still running until May 10th, but Ucchy-san was allowed to share some initial data so far. In particular, there was a field for users to input a desired character not listed in the choices, and Ucchy has listed what top "other" choices have amassed as of April 15th. Shockingly enough, the top pick by a tremendous margin is... Mega Man Zero boss Kuwagust Anchus! Seriously? I gotta say, that smells a little like shenanigans! Or maybe the character really is that popular? Even Ucchy is startled by the amount of support. Following Anchus, other top picks are Sigma (X series), Axl (X series), Sonia Strumm (Star Force series), Servbot (Legends series) and Metal Man (classic series). To a lesser extent, there has also been support for Elpizo (Zero series), Aile (ZX series), Phantom (Zero series), Alia (X series) and Dr. Wily (classic series).

Additionally, members of Capcom have also come out with their own desired picks.

  • Okano-san of Rockman Unity: Iris, Super Mega Man and Roll EXE.
  • Keisuke Mizuno (illustrator for Mega Man Powered Up, Mega Man Maverick Hunter X): Vile, Iris and Leviathan.
  • Ryuji Higurashi (illustrator for Mega Man 9 and 10): Full Armor X, Iris and Mayl.
  • Tatsuya Kitabayashi (producer for Mega Man Legends 3): Vile, Zero and Roll Caskett.
  • Yuji Ishihara (art director for Mega Man Legends 3): MegaMan Volnutt, MegaMan (Star Force) and Rogue.
  • Naoya Tomita aka TOM PON (assistant producer for Mega Man Legends 3): Aero... (yep that's all).
  • Higashi-san (part of the Mega Man Legends 3 devroom web team): MegaMan Volnutt, Roll Caskett and Zero (X series).
  • Kinako Ikawa (Mega Man Legends 3 web planner): MegaMan Volnutt, Roll EXE and Harp Note

Some pretty curious insight so far. Look forward to the final results in May! Thanks for the tip, HJ!