Capcom Wants to Know Your Desired Figures

Japanese figure makers have been pumping out a lot of Rockman themed goodies lately, and it seems that is a trend intended to continue. Capcom of Japan's Ucchy-san has opened this poll, which allows you to select which characters you'd like to see a figure/model kit of. There are 24 total characters ranging from various series, and you can select up to three. Furthermore, a field beneath the choices lets you submit any other character not listed. Additional questions include your age range, and your favorite series (Rockman, X, DASH, EXE, Zero, ZX, Ryuusei). The poll will run from now until May 10th. On May 16th they plan on showing the results. It does not openly state which figure makers will be using this info, so likely it's just a general consensus to any interested parties. Still, definitely seems like we'll be having more Rockman toys. Make your voices heard!

News Credit: Ucchy-san