TMMN Fan Art Contest: Valentines Blues

Funny that Valentine's Day should land within one of the coldest months in the year. But if it's help warming your spirit you need, a fun little contest might just do the trick. It's been a while, but Tabby is taking helm at the festivities once again with a new fan art contest! And I think it will be worth your while, because two people will be winning a Kotobukiya Blues model kit! Just look at this guy, so mysterious and dreamy.

Tabby is not easy to win over, though. She is one of the coldest and most evil people I know (yeesh, women). But I have a helpful tip for you all. I happen to know that she simply goes gaga for Blues (aka Proto Man). So, I think if you draw something Blues themed, you just might have a shot. In fact it's mandatory that your picture be Blues themed. Better yet, just take a look at the rules and guidelines and you should be all set!

You have until Monday, February 14th, 10:00PM PST to submit Tabby your picture. After that, Tabby will confer with a handful of other TMMN staff judges, totally disregard their comments, and pick two winners on her own.

So, get learned and start creating your masterpiece! Good luck to you all! You'll probably need it.