Kotobukiya Blues Model Kit Contest

February. The snow moves through, and it slowly thaws and gets warmer. Hearts stir and flutter, like birds shaking the snow off their feathers. It is the month of Valentine's Day. A day for recognizing the special relationship that two people share which we call love. A little miracle born in peoples' hearts, which spurns romance, desire, and billion dollar confection and diamond industries.

...But not for Tabby. Tabby's heart remains cold. She needs her one true love: Blues.

(In case you're not aware, Blues is Proto Man.)


  • Two grand prize winners will receive one Kotobukiya Blues model kit each.

Objective: Melt Tabby's Ice Cold Hate-Heart. You must create a Blues-themed Valentines Day picture. He could be wooing Tabby! He could be wooing another Mega Man character! He could be the one getting wooed. It can be sappy romance. It can be humorous. It could be sweet! It's all up to you, the artist.

Media: Traditional tools, such as pencil, color, digital media, such as painter or photoshop, 3D rendered or sculpture. Basically, it has to follow the media guidelines for the fan art submission.


  • Blues (Proto Man) must be in the picture. You may use any Blues style (Capcom styles, Ariga style, Ruby Spears, etc).
  • Use your own artwork. Traces of official artwork, or other people’s artwork will not be allowed, and you will be disqualified.
  • While this is a "lovey-dovey" themed contest, keep your picture appropriate for a general audience. Anything mature or offensive will be disqualified and we will not accept any other entries from you. We reserve the right to determine what is offensive and mature.
  • Send only your finished submission. Tabby will not critique nor say anything about a piece unless it breaks a rule.  However, if you have a question on the rules, and want to check and make sure your idea won't be disqualified, send Tabby an e-mail. She'll discuss it with the other admin, and get back to you.
  • One entry per person.

Disclaimer: By entering this contest, you agree to present your home mailing address should you win so that we can mail you your prize. If you are under the age of 15 you should get consent from your parents to give out your mailing address before entering. We are not responsible for any trouble you might get into with your parents should they not agree to giving your home address. Furthermore, you agree to let The Mega Man Network display your picture publicly to any extent we see fit.

Enter: E-mail your finalized piece to Tabby by clicking here. Please use a subject line addressing this is an entry for the contest.

Status: CLOSED.