Introducing The TMMN... Minicast?

A couple weeks back we unveiled our new podcast program on TMMN, the Megacast. However, though the show was only intended to run once a month, and for good cause, I felt that might still be too sparse to keep the show relevant to listeners. And thus was born the Minicast. This no frills, just talk program doesn't feature the fancy guests, musical breaks and prizes the progenitor does, but it does still feature the thing hopefully you guys enjoy the most: talk. For this first Minicast I'm joined by Jesse "Mainfinger" Gregory and Andrew "AWD!" Dickman as we discuss Mega Man Universe, Mega Man Legends 3, and... a whole bunch of other stuff. In fact, the show was intended to run 30-45 minutes, but we got so sidetracked that it's pretty much as long as September's Megacast. So, it doesn't live up to its name yet, but we're still honing our stuff. Enjoy!