Introducing The TMMN Megacast!

Here's an interesting treat for you all! Starting this month, TMMN is reigniting a revamped podcast show! Since, you know, podcasts are a sign of how cool you are on the internet, and we're pretty cool let me be the first to tell you. Anyway, there's lots of fun to be had in this first of our (hopefully) monthly run. In this episode Mainfinger, Tabby and myself are joined by Capcom Unity's Joveth "jgonzo" Gonzalez, who drops in to discuss Mega Man Universe, and we even manage to talk a little about Mega Man Legends 3 (don't get your hopes up). We also got to ask Dr. Wily a few questions, and get a little insight about OtaRockman with Tabby.

But there's MORE. Our music break features an exclusive first listen to a track from the long delayed BN Remix (which should be updating later tonight). And, well, I don't want to give EVERYTHING away. I'll just say I've done everything to make sure this first episode is very rewarding.

We don't have any fancy page to organize podcasts just yet, nor even a proper teaser image, but you can grab the first episode below. And be sure to rate us on iTunes! I hear that's important one way or another. And send in your Dr. Wily questions! Truly hope you enjoy our silliness!




Update: Congratulations to Nick Calhoun and AdventAxl for listening all the way through... and winning a Kotobukiya Rockman figure!