TGS Attendees Get Equipped with "Metowel" And Playable MMU

As we reported before, Mega Man Universe will be present at Tokyo Game Show next weekend, and Capcom has now announced this officially. What's more, this will be the very first time the game is presented in a playable form. There will also be a special MMU stage show on the 18th and 19th. You lucky residents of Japan! If you happen to be hitting TGS, please tell us what you think of the game! Additionally, Capcom will be giving out limited edition "Metowels," towels with a Metall-like pattern. Tie one around your head and you instantly become one of the most hunted enemies in the Mega Man series! You'll also be able to grab early copies of Rockman Kai: Arrange Shitemita!! and E-Can drinks

News Credit: Toshihisa