Capcom Announces "Rockman Kai Arrange Shitemita" Soundtrack (Updated)

A new product listing has appeared on e-Capcom for the Rockman soundtrack "Rockman Kai: Arrange Shitemita!!" (roughly Rockman Modified: Let's Arrange It!!). The album will release various Rockman tracks arranged by different musicians, including Team Nekocan of Airman ga Taosenai fame. In fact, Airman ga Taosenai will be a bonus track on the disc. Here is the complete track list: 01. Blow Through Tornado by Team Nekocan (Rockman 9 Tornadoman) 02. Snake dance by Shachou  (Rockman 3 Snakeman) 03. DIVING DAY by Yamadan (Rockman 4 Diveman) 04. RELOADED by Soy-SOUTH (Rockman 5 Napalmman) 05. Upside Down Phenomenology by Deadball P (Rockman 5 Gravityman) 06. Imitation Castle ~To The Castle of Lies~ by kanipan (Rockman 5 Darkman) 07. Scissor Head by Sound CYCLONE (Rockman 1 Cutman) 08. Thermal Power by IOSYS (Rockman 6 Flameman) 09. Knightmare night by Princess Tissue &  Yutaka Sekine (Rockman 6 Knightman) 10. I'm BUBBLEMAN by Hyadain (Rockman 2 Bubbleman) 11.  Power of the Unknown ~Eight Power of Rock!~ by JUNCA (Rockman 2 opening and staff roll)

Additionally, the album will feature Team Nekocan's three Rockman-releated singles: Can't Beat Airman, These Guys Are Supposed to Help? and Won't Sleep 'Til Cleared! The album will ALSO come with a DVD with movies for the three Team Nekocan bonus tracks, as well as a medley of the main tracks. This amazing album will release on October 20th for ¥3,150 with tax (roughly $37 US). A pretty interesting selection for a new album!

UPDATE: After a little snooping around, I found a preview reel for the soundtrack has been put up (for a week, oddly enough). You can take a listen in the video here, although it is a 20 minute long demo. And while I haven't listened to it all yet, it appears most if not all the tracks will contain singing. I have a feeling that might be a bit of a turn-off for some, but eh, don't knock it 'til you give it a listen.

News Credit: Rockman Unity